Although the payroll loan is intended for registered employees, retirees and pensioners of the INSS, there are some particularities of these profiles: differentiation of rates, term for payment and amount released into the account.

Even with these differences, it is important to understand how to calculate the payroll loan that will be released.

It is known that the maximum amount of the installment should correspond to 30% of the value of the salary, INSS benefit or retirement. And we’ll teach you how to calculate the payday loan here. Check it out next.

Calculating the Payroll Loan

To get a preview of the installment amount, take the balance credited to the account and multiply by 0.3. Here’s an example calculation:

  • With a net salary of $ 1,000.00 (without discount), multiply by 0.3.
  • Net Salary R $ 1000
  • Plot Limit X 0.3
  • Total R $ 300,00

Well, the maximum amount of the installment you have already achieved, now, identify the maximum term of the payroll that you will do.

The Good for Credit will take as an example Caixa Econômica Federal, with a 60-month term for retirees and pensioners. Find out how it will look:

  • Maximum value of plot: R $ 300,00
  • Payment term: X 60
  • Total: R $ 18,000.00

This is still not the value of your loan, but rather a notion of how much you will pay for it with a portion of $ 300.00 within 60 months.

Always remember

personal loan

Remembering that, this value is without the incidence of interest, which usually adds even more the final value. Now, the amount will be divided by 1.7, as in the example below:

  • Amount to be paid: R $ 18,000 = R $ 10,000
  • Rates: 7

It was clear? Now, you already know that you can get an approximate loan of $ 10,000.00 if you win an average of $ 1,000.00.